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Our Story

John Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Church & Deliverance Center was founded in August 1991 under the leadership of Presiding Elder Joseph D. Tull.  

It was during a quarterly held at John Wesley AME Church in Milford Neck, DE, that Mr. Bill Hart read a document informing the Elder that the membership met and had voted to dismiss the current pastor of the church and intended to initiate court action to “pull out” of the Connectional AME church.  Bishop Frank C. Cummings, Presiding Prelate, instructed Elder Tull to do whatever it took to keep the doors of the church open. In order to continue worship as AME’s, the Judge placed a restraining order against Presiding Elder Tull from entering the church in Milford Neck until a decision was rendered.  Thus the beginning of the new John Wesley where worship services were held in the home of Presiding Elder Joseph and Charlotte Tull at 113 Dorman Street in Harrington, DE.

In November 1991, Elder Tull, his wife Charlotte, daughters Wanda and Carolyn, grandchildren, Vanessa and Terence Thorpe, Jamie Browne, began to worship and praise God every Sunday @ 11:00 a.m. in their home.  Rev. Ervin Williams, pastor of Dickerson Chapel permitted a few of his members to worship with us. Those faithful friends were Mr & Mrs. Conway, Mr. Tom Taylor, Ms. Rose Miller, Ms. Louise Adkins and Ms. Lois Ingram.  Donnie and Teresa Barlow, Carla Benson-Green (affiliate) along with Shamaine and Charles Moore and daughter Seleena soon joined the church.

On November 2, 1994 the Delaware Courts rendered a decision on John Wesley Milford Neck’s petition to pull out.  The Judge ruled in favor of the disgruntled party who had renamed their church John Wesley Inc.  We began to pray for an answer as the church was beginning to outgrow the family room in the Tull home.

Mrs. Retha Barlow, mother to Donnie Barlow, told the church about a building located at 217 W. Division Street in Dover.  On August 13, 1995, we held our first Worship Service at the new John Wesley African Methodist Episcopal Church “Deliverance Center” so named because God had delivered us and answered our prayers.

Rev. Michael D. Washington, appointed as the 1st pastor of John Wesley under Bishop Philip R. Cousin, served from November 8, 1997 – April 2000. 

Rev. Roosevelt Lindsey and 1ST lady Kay Lindsey appointed as the 2nd pastor by Bishop Philip R. Cousin, served from April 2000 – June 2001.

Rev. Frances E. Benson, appointed as 3rd pastor under Bishop Richard F. Norris, served from

July 1, 2000- March 6, 2016.  She retired from pastoring at the age of 75.

Rev. Makeeda Brooks, appointed as 4th pastor under Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram served from

March 7, 2016 – August 29, 2020.

Rev. Regina E. Gray, Esq., was appointed as 5th pastor under Bishop Gregory G.M. Ingram and served from

    August 30, 2020 - November 12, 2022.

Rev. Dr. Andrew T. Holtz, Jr. serves as the 6th and current pastor.  He was appointed under Bishop Julius H. McAllister to serve as supply pastor, retired on November 20, 2022. 

“From Dorman…To Division…The Journey Continues

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